10/20/19 Flower Dissection

This week in science we dissected flowers and plants, I liked the dissecting the flowers more because you could see all the parts inside. In one of the flower that I cut open there was nectar all over petals right by the pistol and in the snap dragon that I dissected you could see the egg sack way at the bottom it was really fun and interesting. When we Dissected the fruits and vegetables they weren’t as interesting because we cut those oped all the time and see the insides, but it was still very fun. We also went on a field trip on Thursday and learned about the process of wine making and his clean they have to be.

Image result for snapdragon


2 thoughts on “10/20/19 Flower Dissection

  1. I am glad you enjoyed the flower dissection. I decided to to the fruit and vegetable dissection so students would understand where food comes from and how the cycle from flower to seed goes.

  2. What other flowers did you dissect? I wonder if it would be harder to identify the reproductive parts of a flatter flower….like chickory? We should try this at home! You can teach me!

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