Bacteria 12/8/19

This week in science we did an experiment, what did is we got petrie dishes with agar in them and on the bottom it was separated into 4 quadrants and in a group we chose different things for every person in our group and when when you got home you would swab the thing that you chose and rub it gently onto the agar then we brought them bak to school and put them on the heater, and then the bacteria grows on the agar. We also watched some people present and worked on our slides.

Does all bacteria like heat?

How much bacteria is in the whole world?

How much bad bacteria is there?


One thought on “Bacteria 12/8/19

  1. Bacteria like warm places to grow but not all bacteria need heat and warmth go grow. Only 2% of bacteria is bad. There are more bacteria in the world than are possible to count!

    What did you choose to test from home?

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