Blue!!! 12/15/19

Butterflies are so many different colors because it is either to say i’m toxic or it is to tell if it is a male or a female. Did you know that flamingos are pink because of carotinoids from shrimp! Also Blue butterflies aren’t really blue the pigment on there wings is just light bounces of of there wings and makes it a blue. Same with blue jays and peacock feathers those blues aren’t actually a pigment the are just from the angle and the way you look at them. Did you know that trees can communicate through there roots called micro rhizome and they can communicate whether there is a heard of insects coming so the other tree could increase production of something to prepare themselves. They can also send glucose to a seedling that cant produce it as well.

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What else can trees do that humans don’t know about?

How big can a tree grow in a year?

How many trees are on earth?

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  1. Dylann – isn’t the world amazing! I had no idea that a tree could produce glucose for a seedling that can not. I wonder if it is a relative, meaning only the offspring can benefit from the glucose or any seedlings near the older tree? Where did you find this information?

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