Genetics 2/4/20

This week so far we have been learning about genetics and we have started a slide show about genetics and my group is  doing animal cloning, and so far I have only heard of the the cons about it because there is  defection in the animals and they might not turn out well plus its not natural and its not good for the environment the only benefits that I have seen so far are for livestock breeders.  Because they can make money very fast and easy and they have good genes if they turn out well. We also started working on dragons that we are making and we flipped coins to figure out what tools we are using to make them we have only been doing them for one day but it is really fun.

How close are they to cloning humans?

Will cloning humans be a bad thing?

How will they test human cloning?

One thought on “Genetics 2/4/20

  1. Dylann,
    Your blog is very cool! If I was not also in 7th grade, it would be a new thing for me to learn. Your blog got me interested, and now I want to learn more. Keep up the good blogging!
    <3, Josie

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